Play Atari Breakout

     Atari breakout is an old game which was developed and released over thirty years ago. It has the features which all the old game have such as the easy to understand rule, the simple design and the easy controls.

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    If you are too tired of the competitive society, or you are too bored with the flexible games that you are playing, you may need an easy game like Atari breakout. Due to the development of the technique, the computers have been improved so much. Therefore, the modern games are very colorful and flexible so that it is very hard for you to understand all the rules and the controls of the games. Moreover, there are so may cheats, answers or walkthrough for the modern games. Therefore, your achievement has no meaning, your record can be beaten immediately when you make.


    Therefore, you want to play old games with easy to understand rules, simple designs and easy controls. Because it is so easy that everyone can understand how to play it, there is no walkthrough for the game. In addition, the old games never have chances for you to cheat in those games, so you can only play the game yourself. There is no cheat.
Playing this game for just once, you will be surprised. It is very easy for you to understand the rule. The control is just using the mouse. So, it is very easy for you to play the game. It was simply designed that even kids can play this game well, but the victory is not as easy as you think.


   The game is divided into levels and all you have to do is go from levels to levels. The levels are so many and various, but the turns for you to try in the game are limited. Therefore, for the starters, playing until level 3 is such a surprise. In other way, even players who have played this game many times still feel that it is very difficult for them to go so far in this game.

     Over thirty years, Atari breakout still attracts a lot of players from around the world. The old games always have them owned attraction which the modern games do not have, so after many years, they are still very popular.

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